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davisgroves [userpic]
A couple of questions...
by davisgroves (davisgroves)
at August 25th, 2007 (01:30 pm)

Though I'm not technically "pagan," I tend to prefer very earthy, environmentally-friendly ways in my gardening. Over the years my sister and I have both been drawn, often, to various forms of pagan spirituality as well (I really should finish researching our ancestry to figure out why). At any rate, I thought this group might be able to best answer a few gardening questions I have. 

1)   I've been finding an inordinate amount of empty snail shells in my vegetable garden. (I don't use any pesticides or herbicides so I'm pretty sure they aren't being poisoned (unless I'm getting a run-off problem from someone else's yard, though with the minute amounts of rain we've had lately, I can't imagine that being the problem). So, I was wondering if this seems like a good thing (perhaps they like the garden enough to spend their whole or at least the end of their lives there) or a bad thing (something out there is killing off the snails). I did find one live snail when I was weeding, and we do have an enormous amount of (live) snails in our yard in general.) Just wondering what someone else might think of this.

2)   I recently (yesterday) noticed a freakish fuzzy white "fungus" (?) on our variegated, red hibiscus bush.  It's also possible that the problem is aphids, though, if it is, it's the worst infestation I've ever seen.  (The bush has been in the same spot for years (at least six or seven) and is about fifteen-twenty feet tall. It's trimmed back several times a year to keep it from getting too top-heavy, to keep it from getting to "spindly" and to make it a tad more "hurricane proof," but other than that, it's pretty much left to its own devices as much of the plants are. (I tend to prefer that everything but the herbs and vegetables be able to take care of themselves aside from the occasional trimming and I encourage caterpillars to do as much of that as possible.)  So, does anyone have any ideas what this might be and how I might get rid of it without resorting to scary chemicals? My plan was to just cut those parts off and hope it doesn't return, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone else had a suggestion. 

Thank you, tremendously and happy gardening.


Posted by: arielmn (arielmn)
Posted at: August 26th, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
tattoo by Kore'

I wish I could offer some kind of help. You garden in a completely different zone than I do, and I am not familiar with either of your problems. Sorry!

Rambling on regardless, :-) the lack of rain might be connected to the snail shells.

Good luck.

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