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Water/Hydrogen Peroxide Mix Beneficial to Plants?
by briar_witch (briar_witch)
at March 10th, 2007 (06:53 pm)

In my wanderings on the net today, I came across a recipe that is purported to be beneficial for plants and trees, as well as keeping any bugs off them. Apparently, you mix five gallons of water with two to four cups of hydrogen peroxide. Presumedly you spray it on the plants, though they weren't too clear on that. They did say to spray it on any trees that weren't doing well however.

I've never heard of such a remedy, and I'm a bit leery of it, especially since they seem to contradict themselves by saying "It makes your garden flourish. And bugs and weeds don't like it". "bugs and weeds"?! A weed is merely any plant you don't want, it isn't necessarily a specific class of plants. In fact, I welcome dandelions, and other such plants into my garden, even though they are considered weeds by many people.

So, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has anyone heard of this method, or tried it? Is is as flawed as it sounds, or is it truly effective?

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