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Cat's place [userpic]
Herbal stuff
by Cat's place (enchantedpagan)
at April 6th, 2007 (04:25 pm)


Companion planting isn't a science. What works for some doesn't work for others, but when it's comes to doing things chemical free I figure it's worth a try, plus the herbs always add a pretty and fragrant addition to the garden.

Some herbs are generally good in the vegetable garden including tarragon, marigolds, and calendula. Some seem to do well with certain veggies. This is by no means a complete list, but it will give you some ideas.

TOMATOES: basil, chives, garlic chives, nasturtiums, marigolds borage, bee balm and parsley.

POTATOES: try horseradish and marigolds

ONIONS: Summer savory

CABBAGE: onions, chamomile, chard, chives, garlic chives, dill, nasturtiums, hyssop, oregano, sage

BEANS: Summer savory, rosemary

CUCUMBERS: dill, chamomile, nasturtium

ROSES: garlic, parsley, garlic chives, fever few, pennyroyal

SQUASH/PUMPKIN: Nasturtium, Marigold, Borage, Marjoram

Fennel has no friends, and should be planted by itself. I usually grow bronze fennel and stick it in a corner.

Courtesy of www.oldfashionedliv ing.com


Posted by: davisgroves (davisgroves)
Posted at: August 25th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)

I have many of these plants, but they're separated. I can't wait to try moving some closer together to see how this works. Because I'm in southern FL, I can keep my herbs outside year-round, but the vegetable plants still seem to have a cyclical planting season. I also had completely forgotten about marigolds! When I was little, we *always* had those in our gardens.

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